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Miguel Hernández
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Sound Engineer from San Buenaventura University of Bogotá, Colombia. Professional with many years of experience in Audio design and post production. Thousands of pieces in the air.

Juan Carlos Mariño

Musician and publicist, founding partner of Frecuencia Creativa, with more than 10 years of previous experience as Director of Audiovisual Production in some of the most prominent Colombian Advertising Agencies. He has directed thousands of successful advertising pieces for radio, TV and digital.

Javier Martínez  

Renowned Colombian musician, producer, arranger and composer, studied at Berkley, USA and master at LIPA, Liverpool Institute for performing Arts of England. Professional with thousands of compositions and musical arrangements in different musical genres. It has more than 20 years of experience.

Jairo Alarcón

Recognized Colombian dubbing director with extensive experience in documentaries, episodic series and films. His most recent production with Frecuencia Creativa, has been the Adaptation and Direction of the dubbing into Spanish of the successful Chinese series "PRINCESS AGENT" (PRINCESA VALIENTE) of 58 Chapters.

Ana Mireya Hernández  

Administrative coordinator. It is responsible for checking the quotes, and coordinate the different productions. For more than 6 years he has been part of the Frecuencia Creativa team.

Andrés Urdinola

Musician and Sound Engineer graduated from the Universidad Javeriana with certification in Music Business in the United States at the Berklee College of Music. With thousands of pieces produced, he has more than 15 years of experience in Audio production and postproduction. advertising

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